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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

true type bronze beckham conversion to han solo

went down to SA tours to secure my tokyo shopping trip our annual tour. this year my wife will spend her birthday at Ginza, at Chanel Tokyo, sipping a tea in the cafe, in the likes of uptown Japan. it'll be a great trip for me too, finally to pay homage to Bape Shop Gallery and plenty of toys places to hunt down. last round i was into medicom be@bricks n kubricks, cds etc .... this time it'll be expanded with 12inch figures, some electronic gaming goodness n bape hunt. we can smell the tokyo air already.

i carry my macbook with me almost daily. lats nite i had to check some info i could do it in the basement of heeren carpark. 2day it was suntec. with the free wireless internet .... i feel so connected. this macbook seems closer to me compared to my old ibook somehow.

got this from david123456 .... didnt know it comes with the box similar to the olive version. snake fever baby

shuan recommeded me to playpen toys at suntec. they opened only at 1230pm. nice fellows. i had initially booked a truetype bronze beckham via yahoo auctions. i had to back out the deal. i cam across the info of the official release of the black n bronze figure via . i saw the black version at heeren action city last night but no sight of bronze version. bought along a SVD for my 12inch snake. he had used the SVD against "the end". looks like my snakes are building up their arsenal.

simply toys had 10% off on top of the member's discount. most places had ran out of mace windu n obiwan sideshow. i settled for han bespin.

naked han says hi to naked beckham. i wonder if i should buy LA Galaxy's jersey with beckham 23 printed on the back.

here we have it han beckham. guess i made a good move. i was contemplating between jedi beckham or han beckham. as it's mostly sold out of jedis that i dont own, mace n obiwan namelyit was tough putting on the boots on bronze beckham. had to use a hair dryer to widen/loosen up the ankle portion to slip in the legs. i have quite a few jedi 12inch. having a han for a break is indeed a good choice.

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