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Saturday, August 11, 2007

bright hill drive

just this afternoon i had seamless interaction with iPhoto08 n when uploading my pictures. now this apple seems erratic. i no longer can open any photos to preview when selecting photos via the folder .... all i get is a dead end at Photo Library, as an application.

my way around this is to drag photos out of iPhoto to the desktop. then uploading pictures becomes easier. and also since safari dont have a photo preview in the blogger's page [hope this is solved at safari3] i renamed my photos on the destop so i can easily ID my photos instead of a DSCxxxxxx.jpg file.

i mentioned my wife was going to JB with her friends in my last entry. she had went back to the office to sort some things out. she slipped in the toilet stairs and to protect herself she used her riht arm to defend and hit herself on the stairs railing.

i smsed tyger loh n siong then i'll have to saty home to take care of my wife. we had a simple dinner and headed the chinese medcine hall to get some onitment. the chinese physician was just about to leave gave us some tips to solve this injury. soak the gauze with the chinese ointment, apply it to the injury, use a bandage to secure and leave it on with reapplication when necessary.

2 hours later my wife got hugry again. i was still feeling stuffed. we headed thomson plaza, also to replenish more wire gauze and bandages. she had jaitai while i intended just a soup from han's, i had a complete meal set dinner of fish n chips. tho it's just cambell soup .... my wife walloped all the mushroom cream soup, which was great to see her fill herself, afterall i was not hungry. a great evening.

thomson plaza was packed 2nite. i had parked along right hill drive again. little did i know when u translate bright hill drive to mandrain it doesnt sond plesant anymore. yukkutti yuks.

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