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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the first cd to get ripped into my new macbook's itunes is Opaline by Dishwalla.

the theme for these 2 machines (the 2 new macbooks) are Angels or Devils, song number 2 frm this album. my last ibook were running on OS X panther. i wanted to buy a family license for 5 to upgrade me n my wife's ibooks to tiger when it was launch. but we gave up the idea. this run i again didnt wait for leopard's launch which is slated for october this year. i figure since tiger is currently 2 year old and pretty stable, i should enjoy the best of tiger b4 jumping onto the leopard.

i guess i'm pretty outdated, enjoying widgets for the first time on a mac, and the iRemote is sure great. am thinking on getting a shuffle or a nano .... just for kicks .... even tho i spend all my time these days listening to cds only when driving. one are the days of a marantz cd player with a cheap amp n mission speakers. n not being a mp3 listener, buying a apple mp3 payer sure dont warrant any possible rights. still he heart itches for a little mac comapanion gadget.

and its all drawn out
there's nothing inside
and nothing to hold
nothing to find
its wearing me out
this feeling inside
i'm all drawn out

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