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Monday, August 06, 2007


me bored at the restroom .... my office for the next few months perhaps ??

managed to read half of macworld.

hey hey hey .... angels n devils .... black and white in the car.

some accessories bought along the way .... a red macguard for my wife's black macbook. a dicota neoprene for my white midrange macbook. a-yue cd, united93 dvd (are u sure this is gonna be a good movie??) and maclife magazine.

the boxes.

the egg shell.

the mackbook is revealed. comes with a iremote, the power cord n charger + a spare plug head for other countries. below the macbook is the thin manual n the installetion cds.

the black has a nice smooth matt feel while the white is like my old ibook, pearly plastic smooth.

since i bought 2 macbooks i asked for two separate epicards. 1 yr subs for the discount.


Shaun said...

way cool dude!

Anonymous said...

wow... cool....

sket said...

thx. just sold the 2 ibooks ... will give away my P4 dell to my nephews for pc learning .... total conversion / total annihilation !!!