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Saturday, August 25, 2007

saturday toy pics part2: asajj ventress

my wife was amazed by this figure when it was annouced by sideshow toys. due budget i had given up on this and choose leia in boushh. then boushh was released in US and it was review the head bing too big like a bobblehead. and the delay of shippment to singapore really puts me off .... xl-shop had this figure ready to ship when US had theirs.

then i came across a review by mctoys on asajj ventress .... how amazing it was .... so leai boushh idea was scrapped and will buy asajj ventress instead. and again xl-toys had this figure ready to ship when our local distributor got the news both leia n asajj will come in within 2 weeks.

a last min reservation at simply toys on the day of availablity .... on both figures .... at the shop with just 10mins to decide b4 i rush off to pick my wife, i decdied to grab both figures. guess no regrets, sideshow toys did another good job on both of them ....

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