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Saturday, August 25, 2007

tokyo, lost in translation and free park

chia asked if i went for the cure concert. hwee boon did go. guess i should have tho i might have long stop listening to this band that lead me much into the indie music genre.

the little toyko guide i got, tho thin, brought me to places that i can potentially explore. and at 11pm while driving off from work, i made a reservation for "lost in translation" hd dvd at hmv .... and if i can get there b4 1130pm their closing time, i can have this disc 2nite.

and i did.

and i left the carinhill parking within grace period so i had a free park.

chee chong's brithday 2nite. 3 blokes came for some nite attachment on their own at satcc, hard working chaps. chee chong's offer of coffee should keep me awake 2nite for my new disc.

pic of anakin from crazytoyz0709's blog, taken w/o permission .... figure done by vansei, amazing detail.

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