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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

seventh simon

a night to remember. the dullest shopping mall has it's treasures. my wife wanted to visit this jap cat bag store but apparently it's been closed for 2days already. the jap store to the right has her goodies of jap fabric bags n accessories. but the greatest find, hidden in a corner is 'ma maison japenese western restuarant'.

nice dim candlelite dinner, western food done in jap style. my wife had bolognese spaghetti, nice sweetish suace, i had beef omu butter rice. no drinks or wine but we went for deserts. mine was brownie with ice cream while my wife had a cheese cake.

at the entrance was a bucket of goodies. it was meant for families with children, every $10 spent u get $1 redeemable for the little jap toys. my wife wanted a water ballon but we didnt bring any children. the waitress later brought her a pink ballon which my wife had targeted all this while, so we celebrated her birthday early by 1 month.

payment after your dinner? please bring the key to the counter.

oh this place is at central (mall). it;s at level3 if i am not wrong, at the hidden corner where all the jap restuarants are. i parked at level 7, seventh, simon, my wife called out.

siamese raimese i met her at a bus stop along sin min yeserday when i sent my car to boon.

boon had repaired my bumper and he introduced me to man exhuast and i finnaly got my exhaust tip project completed. a little cut on the bumper with a new tip welded to the original.

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