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Saturday, February 24, 2007

to realize

i set off my home to Falcon's Hangar to collect my shadow stormtrooper to realized my mobile phone wasnt with me. isnt hard to find a coin-op phone and dialed my in-laws to coordinate with elaine on pickup tied down. shadow stormtrooper is nicely packaged in white box contrasting to the normal ST in black box. this is a exclusive.

when we left vivocity the parking lots tally zero. an improtu pop in to crystal jade dining-in to utilize my 30bucks starhub coupon to realize 2day is "ren-rer", aka "human's day" for direct translation. no normal menu but CNY menu. an over budget dinner, but an assuptions n delicious one, the food were absolutely fresh.
i was alone again or, not a good idea to pop into town 2nite, to realize it's chingay possession nite in orchard road. bumped into 2 tcs not so pop artiste alone, eileen wee n **** "not ann" kok on separate occasions. they were not involved with the chingay apparently but roaming the quiter portions of orchard road. to cross from ngee ann city to heeren i had to use the underpass to lucky plaza and walked pass paragon, n thru the sweaty crowd.

due technically i cant be next in-line for morning night recall for work 2mrw. big money big money. will be waiting for next person to fall sick to be my turn for standby. it's sunday 2mrw, and i'm desperate.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

4 days

back to the good ol days on 18th feb, consuming 7-11 food for breakfast n lunch. i had these 2 "dish" when i worked as the midnite boys for 7-11 during my school holidays in '88.

bye bye mayu. she had to go. i being mio had to strangle her for that's the ending for normal mode. in hard n nitemare mode she will be kept alive. i completed fatal frame 2 on 19th feb.

all shops bloomed open on 20th feb. by 10years i think the CNY tradition will die. another PS zine.

collected my crackdown from gamescore 2day. listed my starwars 3 3/4inch figures up in yahoo auctions for sale. i havent got my stay alive dvd but bought the grudge 2 instead. 21st feb.

Friday, February 16, 2007


i attended a beneficial breakfast meeting this morning, after my nite duty. with all the perks that come along, new caterer providing professional breakfast menu, and time off claimable, some immediate sleep were sacrificed for the long run.

i dropped catherine n meihuah off at park mall to meet up with this seller on behalf of my wife to purchase a brand new perfume. due to constrain of the meetpoint, i had the transaction of $60 thru my car window. to my dismay, the item dont look new at all, with tarnish on the cap of the bottle. i rushed down to my wife's office for her inspection and it was indeed below par. we nicely approached the seller thru sms but her reluctance in the refund makes us upset, in poor sellership in general.

so what is $60? 3pairs of movie tickets? 4foreign zines? the trip from jurong where my wife works back to parkmall, with insufficient sleep and lunch time traffic, is it all worth the trip? anyway the seller had bailed out, with false claims of a brand new item that turned to be old, what a fuckup dishonest seller. well, i'll leave to the karma police, i dont need to waste time to sort this unfairness, i cant waste any further petrol or precious time, who's gonna do all the cool glam stuff if i would to attend to this. gosh. lol.

i reaffirmed my principles on not buying "second hand" products. i'm also not a pirate nor a library. i am me. i might be a god.

- - - - - - - - - - -

every cycle in tower, i wake up with shoulder cramps that ultimately lead to painkiller consumptions to solve the building tension headaches. is this work stress or the work in tower requires more head tilt, contributing to my discomfort. i dont get the tension headaches in the centre.

next month i'll have 4 cycles in the tower, 2 shift n 2 day duties. and what's strange i'm deported to alpha watch.

news of guitar hero 2 coming on 360 got me all excited like a kid. the removal of PS3 post on the gamescore forum sure made everyone a little edgy. it's better to let Sony Asia do the official announcement, they said.

so have i found my ideal PS zine?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

happy 13

a busy mid afternoon. did my shopping for CNY gifts for the in-laws and i bought a composite av swithc ofr the incoming PS3.

input 1 is my 360
input 2 reserved for PS3
input 3 only video in from my dvd player
input 4 empty. this switch comes with impedance block, it'll input some dummy resistor so to avoid interference of empty sockets.
vid out goes to my bravia and audio out feeds back to my dvd receiver for all the inputs to achieve a humble 5.1DTS

i ran out of plans for vday dinner and my wife came out with a brilliant idea of heading newton for our favorite seafood haunt. after completing our rounds at takashimaya i felt lazy but persistent paid off with the great food. we had pepper crab, kai lan, stingray, oyster omelette, bbq chick wings, and thirst quenching sugar cane. the first stall touted but elaine's memory of blue signboard Alliance Seafood was the firm choice. the stall was comfortably located with all the food orders conveniently congregated. gave up on joining my collegeaues dinner meet at sakura restuaarant for buffet but nothing beats spending time with my loving wife.

rose in a jim beam cola, my rose for my wife. she sold a dear chanel bag 2nite for rotation.

twiggy loves her home at first sight. no more lonely nites.

gameinformer, SWI [bought last weak, EGM, gameaxis .... the first 3 are my monthly zines. gameaxis free subs will run out next month, will i put it as my monthly read? i have gave up on Hot Stuff car mod zine. 360 is a option if the content is good, cos UK zines come 2months late it can be outdated. might follow xbox world and am looking out for a good playstation zine to follow.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

a strange day

woke up late and i came across an important piece of news at gamescore forum. gamescore had met up with the sony playstation rep and an offical date has been revealed for our local launch.

at 2pm i was playing R6V over live and reading some terms that might hold me back to pre-order thru gamescore. i made up my mind finally 30mins later and set off with compressed timing, needing to get to work by 4pm.

traffic conditions anticipated and it was really not on my side. i got trapped at jams at Novena church, at old KK hospital junction, and to top it all, a SUV having troubles within Funan car park and that created a pretty bad commotion. it's 3pm.

i took an exit at Penisula Shopping Centre, loop back to Funan Centre and saw some cars parked illegally along the building. i thought this is it, and i rushed up to gamescore, was attended by a staff who processed my pre-order swiftly and i left the vuilding withing 10mins, 5mins preordering my PS3 !!!

and my company short pay me $450. gotta look for the office staff on monday. that took my mood away at work.

at 10pm, i couldnt find my car keys, that took some concentration off at work again, no good. and ultitmatley i found my keys above my locker. was it me or some kind colleague who found it and placed it above.

1236am, liverpool cant beat newcastle, the usual shame.

Friday, February 09, 2007

night porter

a two hour trip to borders and kinokuniya taka

i'll watch for a sign
and if i should ever again cross your mind
i'll sit in my room and wait until night life begins
and catching my breath
we'll both brave the weather again

the swamp

i'll just sit here all day. the peace down by the park.
i'll just wait here.
and beautiful evenings will end. so will your pain complete someday.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

my wife took a day off 2day. "to keep you company", she said.

the mid afternoon we get baked in the sun, scorched we were, panting alot for twiggs, running in the west cost park after lunching at macdonalds. and it was a delicious bigmac that i hated for years. the craving for a good 'ol mac satisfied my tastebuds this very 2pm. west coast park has a nice wooden plank bridgey pathway. it leads to a furnished swamp. or was it a lake?

i asked vincent and cat, "how is ayumi hamasaki?" cat doesnt seemed to like her voice. vincent mentioned her ballads are pretty ok. and there's some rumor going around about her private life. music's not just about music. music is a study not only of the tune you'll appreciate but too the lifetimes of the artiste or the composer. pple shouldnt buy the music just for the liking of that tune .... fandom was long begun. this is superstar.

i got fedup trying to beat darius on the final leg of need for speed : carbon. i sold the game at 530pm.

kit fisto says slice my head u bloddy ugly bastard

MacAddict has rebrand their magazine name to MacLife. well life is cool with a mac but wouldnt it be more majestic to be addicted to macs?

however, in the contrary, addictions and obessions are venomous and unhealthy. in our lives, a mis-step again we fall into the serpents of sudden overzelousness into that unknown territory. the interest / love for food, dolls, sex, company, gadgets, modifications, gaming, beauty, etc., the uncontrollable impluse lead to the disaster of diminishing hours and money. an addict will never agree and laughed when being told. "i'm just so addicted and obsessed with it now". anger arise when confronted perhaps. wise men can only sit by and lament on your mishap.

some, unwanted generation thru addcitions and obsessions if can be reconverted to cash at half price is a chanted move. to sell the old and buy the new. the cycle of temporary love is partially sustained, not suffered.

is it a NEED or is it a WANT ?

nothing can be controlled, all best leave to fate or God.

and is anyone addicted to pain ?? entering my 2nd week of sensitive gums and the development of a thyroid catilage pain. do i or will i need a surgery?

i went thru the most brief doctor consultation that disgusted me more than my constant suffering. a doctor that has lost his love for the mysterious science of medicine to "this is just a job i am rich" or "i cant get rid the fuck of u so i can see that rep outside that wears a skirt". oh, that was my company doctor, and i just wanted free medication?

do u believe in love?

Friday, February 02, 2007

give me the head of the preacher man

just got home from Compass Point. the car park was full so i parked my car opposite at the HDB estate. it was nice to walk alone across the overhead bridge linked to the mall. i dont know where my wife is .... we havent been going out alot lately.

Hyaena was playing in my car stereo. an old album i collected on both the LP n the CD. robert smith played with siouxsie and the banshees back then, 1984. the album barely resembles the top. Hyaena has exotic instruments, the darker melodies, not goth, siouxie sioux's deep vocals, 80s styling, it's an amazing album. it was top of the pops when i was appalled by the band. hey look, robert smith on guitars n keyboards for the band.

dead before born, words fall in ruins, but no sound, she's dying of your shame - she maimed by your name. he gives birth to swimming horses. she gives birth to swimming horses. and apparenlty i love seahorses.

9pm i left Compass point. my 4hour sleep yesterday begins to weaken my sanity. i have proudly completed the single player campaign for rainbow six: vegas . i skipped 360 dec issue as it was dog-earred. i skipped the comic pack chewie + han solo set. as i'll possibly be selling my collection, i shouldnt buy more. the electornic game counter chap had unreserved my copy of Fatal Frame 2. Courts too is selling it at $69.90. this little kiosk at metro tagged at $49.90 . with more input from fellow BOB members, a thread i posted on the forum, on to buy Fatal Frame 2 or not, the decision was sealed. many tho recommend Fatal Frame [part 1] as the copy with better scare tactics, i'll settle for FF2 as my start. i am ready to scare the balls out of my shit !?!?!

maybe the waves has separated me far from the boat. but i was always at the shore, with the cats n twiggy, waiting.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

fatal frame 2 / stay alive

i recalled in the movie stay alive, fatal frame 2 was mentioned as one of the scariest game made. i had paid a visit to silvery note at bukit batok central and i saw the game for sale under the secondhand section. $29,90 seems a good price, but i've never been fond of used item. i had sold Lost Planet this morning to a fellow 360 gamer. yes u can resell the 2ndhand game u bought and u pay absolutely zero if u sold at the price u bought from me. it's alright, a good motion. but some gamers just dont buy 2nd hand items. nothing against it, but i just prefer a mint copy.
i tested this old game fatal frame 2 in the shop, and yes this old xbox game can be played on a 360. cool.
now i'm reading the review for the game over at gamespot. well at thomson plaza oikos, the shop sells it first hand at $69.90. bit crazy i say for a old console 2004 game, but maybe it's a hit. well.
i've not bought stay alive on code1 dvd. pissed.