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Saturday, November 28, 2009

dragon age origin's colector's guide

took a record long 11days to reach me via play asia from hong kong.
i've yet played much in the game atm ....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

robbie williams + monster fame

popped into titanium at ion orchard again this evening. we have returned to ion orchard for the 4fingers chicken.

was gonna get terminator salvation ost but saw lady gaga's new cd. bought a robbie williams 2004 greatest hits cd. song better man reminds me of 2000, when i have the cd in my iPaq. it was a reminder for me to be a better person, i think i am almost that man already ....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

terminator salvation blu-ray

[yuks to low res poor orientation picture above]

was surprised to find terminator salvation blu-ray in titanium aka gramophone at ion orchard. it comes in either the steelbook limited at $69 or normal $49 blu-ray single disc [usa edition for both].

havent look at the free A3 size poster yet, this marks my last blu-ray release of the year.

sheva does look good at titanium displayed on their shelves.

Friday, November 20, 2009

assassin's creed II guide

located this guide on kinokuniya's bookweb. after dropping elaine i was at kino doorstep b4 they open. to my dismay the stock is not available for release yet. with some pressure they will release the stock at bugis branch since they use manual price tagging.

bugis callled me about 2hours later. the normal guides are damaged. only the collector's which i dont mind, especially when kino is having 20% off this weekend. the dragon age origin's collector's guide on the other hand are damaged only the normal is available. mine will be coing in maybe tuesday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

assassin's creed II

my oh my, assasin's creed II. got it from weirdess place, sin tian ti at vivo city.

a rating of 9.0 by gamespot and the preview at qore make it irressitible

when's my last game of the year?

wrong tun3 + audition blu-ray

2 more disc came in 2day. good below 2 weeks delivery. it came in a sealed plastic bag from singpost, saying the package has been unselaed during transit. i have a feeling it's them.

assasin's creed II that's completely off my radar turn out super interesting .... hmm.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

joker dx hot toys partial reveal

while lucas takes his name, i find some time to look into the recently bought joker dx ....

below the carton box scribbles VC for vivo city. they had 4 pieces when i bought it. choi gave me a good discount to $270.

ya really, why so serious?

underneath the "2 figures"are the acessories.

will try to find some time to set up the policeman joker with my narrow shoulder which is now the nurse. and i'll remove my original joker and make him the nurse. 4 jokers overall in my collection.

Monday, November 16, 2009

dragon age origins + borderlands guide book

influenced by samuel, i bought dragon age origins CE R3. was at funan and gamescore is sold out of this game. and rarely i shop with G3, but 2day i got the game from them. i'm glad i got from them, cos on their shelf is borderlands guide which i am now looking for.

funzcentre gave me 2 dragon age origins tee that day, looks like it's of some reason ....

think i got this last thurday, havent got time to flip it yet. but i love carrying it around.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

4 blu-rays + joker DX

4 blu-rays 2day, orphan and realms from soophing and TaiKit's GIJoe and my clone wars season 1 from amazon arrived. expecting 2 more from the mail.

lucky read that joker dx is in at Action City ..... managed to grab 1 at $270. have to give up sheva ....

kitty lab

13 stations .... play some games .... choose some kitty parts and end game with a exclusive kitty card.

at expo hall1, kittylab designed by HK emerges 2day in singapore. we have booked our tix online, arrived on time for this live game to put hello kitty back in shape from his cloudy deformed head, from a mis-experiment.

no photos and video were allowed in this show, but we took a few.

the area is like a wonderland, with 13 stations to navigate in a well designed city, play games and u get to choose parts to reform your kitty back to shape. we took below 35mins and won ourselves a badge / medallion.

i bought a tee too, and coupa of exclusive goodies at the store at the end of the lab, all exclusive to this show.

me and my wife had fun, a nice break from this hectic world.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


intended to sell my eyepet off cos i really dont have the time to play. then came a offer of a R3 eyepet when i listed my R2 eyepet bundle.

after my afternoon shift i bought eyepet R3 game alone at $50. drove out again at midnite to sengkang to swap my eyepet R2 bundle with borderlands +$10.

eyepet does have it's moments. and i'm glad i picked up borderlands too. wonder why everyone described it as diablo FPS. but it's surely not as dull and more fast pace and fun then the disasterous Fallout3 that was done by a great group that did Oblivion.

now i've got 5 games that i'll play til next year. there's scene it? and buzz that i'm keen but these 5 games is keeping me real excited. will skip dragon age origins, was never too fond of what bioware did with neverwinternights but they had a great bulder's gate previously.

modern warfare 2 is pretty hot. and i love shepard's intro to each mission, he's harsh. the game feels great like MGS4 somewhat.

quite a year to end with many great games.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

modern warfare 2 + guide

was gonna skip this after looking at the trailer. guess i bought it still, with the guide as well. the hardened version comes with a steel case plus artbook plus a download code but the distributer gave a R2 version. PS3 is even more deprived not having the prestige version which has all of the hardened version plus a nite vision goggles. xbox360 has it, priced below $200. i bought the normal R1 version.

so band hero was not my last game, as predicted by my wife.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

gi joe blu-ray

spoke to tai kit last nite and we updated on new blu-rays. i had ordered GI Joe that he was interested. i tried to joint order another piece for him but too bad it was on backorder via amazon.

geneboi happened to already have his on the forum, amazingly. bought from him at $45, and have told taikit i will sell mine to him at $40.

was looking for info on local market and i rem gamescore's forum has that blu-ray thread. was disappointed to learn some of their disc were delayed as usa is now in the holiday mood so most shipments will take longer. i have 2 shipments shipped out early november. looks like i will put terminator salvation on hold, either get from local market or thru forum.

gi joe isnt a super fab movie, but beyong average. and to my surprise, they combined the 2nd disc which incl the supplements and the digital copy and made it into a dvd. sick, cant play it on my ps3 cos it's region3 for my ps3.

Friday, November 06, 2009

band hero

band hero .... prob my last game for the year

Monday, November 02, 2009

lego rock band

i had to "beg" for a copy of beatles RB when it's sold out when it broke street date. this round for lego rock band, i have a gut feeling it will break street date again, so i made a safe reservation from funzcentre.

only saw my sms at 745pm when i was taking my time with my family at harbour front. we were heading kallang leisure and my wife was confident we will make it to funzcentre to get the game 2nite.

what's with me, do i need any gameso desperately on launch day? it's a freaking disease that got me and other fellow gamers as well. no vaccine nor cure, we're doomed.