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Saturday, November 21, 2009

terminator salvation blu-ray

[yuks to low res poor orientation picture above]

was surprised to find terminator salvation blu-ray in titanium aka gramophone at ion orchard. it comes in either the steelbook limited at $69 or normal $49 blu-ray single disc [usa edition for both].

havent look at the free A3 size poster yet, this marks my last blu-ray release of the year.

sheva does look good at titanium displayed on their shelves.


woodhead said...

cool! Hasn't even come out on amazon yet.

sket said...

the disc is made in austria. i guess it's a europe version. but behind the little prints says it's sold in usa. my ps3 cant play region other than regionA, strange, perhaps it's a region free disc.

desmond said...

Blu ray out?! it means DVDs are to be out in the market soon :)

sket said...

yes the dvd is out too. there's one limited one with a terminator face on it.