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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

joker dx hot toys partial reveal

while lucas takes his name, i find some time to look into the recently bought joker dx ....

below the carton box scribbles VC for vivo city. they had 4 pieces when i bought it. choi gave me a good discount to $270.

ya really, why so serious?

underneath the "2 figures"are the acessories.

will try to find some time to set up the policeman joker with my narrow shoulder which is now the nurse. and i'll remove my original joker and make him the nurse. 4 jokers overall in my collection.


deSMOnd said...

I saw the actual DX Joker at CSC last week. This is a must buy figure if you are a TDK fan. The box presentation and design is very nice. Good score anyway!!

sket said...

yes, the anticipation of this figure did kill some interest, but still a great figure.