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Sunday, November 08, 2009

gi joe blu-ray

spoke to tai kit last nite and we updated on new blu-rays. i had ordered GI Joe that he was interested. i tried to joint order another piece for him but too bad it was on backorder via amazon.

geneboi happened to already have his on the forum, amazingly. bought from him at $45, and have told taikit i will sell mine to him at $40.

was looking for info on local market and i rem gamescore's forum has that blu-ray thread. was disappointed to learn some of their disc were delayed as usa is now in the holiday mood so most shipments will take longer. i have 2 shipments shipped out early november. looks like i will put terminator salvation on hold, either get from local market or thru forum.

gi joe isnt a super fab movie, but beyong average. and to my surprise, they combined the 2nd disc which incl the supplements and the digital copy and made it into a dvd. sick, cant play it on my ps3 cos it's region3 for my ps3.


desmond said...

Wow!! G.I.JOE got Blu-Ray already. Damn fast leh!!

sket said...

didnt really enjoy it tho. maybe will make another run.