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Saturday, November 14, 2009

kitty lab

13 stations .... play some games .... choose some kitty parts and end game with a exclusive kitty card.

at expo hall1, kittylab designed by HK emerges 2day in singapore. we have booked our tix online, arrived on time for this live game to put hello kitty back in shape from his cloudy deformed head, from a mis-experiment.

no photos and video were allowed in this show, but we took a few.

the area is like a wonderland, with 13 stations to navigate in a well designed city, play games and u get to choose parts to reform your kitty back to shape. we took below 35mins and won ourselves a badge / medallion.

i bought a tee too, and coupa of exclusive goodies at the store at the end of the lab, all exclusive to this show.

me and my wife had fun, a nice break from this hectic world.


deSMOnd said...

Heard the entry fee is S$35 to S$38..Very expensive!!

sket said...

yes about there. a very short trip, but the kitty fan must visit.