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Monday, November 16, 2009

dragon age origins + borderlands guide book

influenced by samuel, i bought dragon age origins CE R3. was at funan and gamescore is sold out of this game. and rarely i shop with G3, but 2day i got the game from them. i'm glad i got from them, cos on their shelf is borderlands guide which i am now looking for.

funzcentre gave me 2 dragon age origins tee that day, looks like it's of some reason ....

think i got this last thurday, havent got time to flip it yet. but i love carrying it around.


Ragnarok-Ex said...

how much did you get for the DAO:CE?
i got it at $85 and didnt get the tees.. :( i most probly got chop lolx.

Anonymous said...

Dragon Age might be worth checking out been hearing lots of good stuff about it but still have alot to play with Uncharted 2, CoD MW2 and planning to get Borderlands aswell haha^^ Gaming season has begun huh?? :)

sket said...

jo, got mine at $87. paid via credit. if not it's about $84.50. bought from G3 [rare], cos was at funan and gamescore sold out. the tees, i got from funzcentre, they like to give me freebies, they gave me when i bought band hero. it's quite a nice tee, think u seen it b4, the red foil. i wore the medium size one and the large is unworn. was gonna give to my nephew but might gave to my colleague. unless u wanna wear to sleep [cos it's big] i can keep 4 u, the plastic bag is thrown away tho.

sket said..., yes it's a crazy season. i have my hands full, incl all those u mentioned.

chrishimself said...

yes and theres even more to come haha oh man its gonna take me a while to finish all those games ^^ but better than a drought in games hehe, will help me to keep the time short and sweet until FF XIII is out^^.