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Friday, November 20, 2009

assassin's creed II guide

located this guide on kinokuniya's bookweb. after dropping elaine i was at kino doorstep b4 they open. to my dismay the stock is not available for release yet. with some pressure they will release the stock at bugis branch since they use manual price tagging.

bugis callled me about 2hours later. the normal guides are damaged. only the collector's which i dont mind, especially when kino is having 20% off this weekend. the dragon age origin's collector's guide on the other hand are damaged only the normal is available. mine will be coing in maybe tuesday.


woodhead said...

This guide looks interesting. How's the bonus materials? Good content?

sket said...

the extras are the artwork and some dev insights of making the game. not sure if the huge pull out map is exclusive to this version. on the other hand the MW2 collector's guide looks awesome with the exclusive huge multiplayer tactical map.