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Sunday, August 30, 2009

more hot toys john connor

finally found time to make use of this perspex case. it was bought 2gether with silly thing iron man at the convention and meant 4 it but john connor seem to fit the situation now. i'll prob dump the styrofoam box and have him display. so need my new place soon cos all these toys are all in a mess. not sure if they will be in tip top condition when it's time to show themselves next year.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

hot toys john connor n slim true type

bought this at the chocolate research facility at wheelock place. mine's green apple n dried pear. my wife bought the rose petal and it's surprisingly good. the chocolates runs from $8 to $12 each bar. the flavors are aplenty.

bought the slim true type and john connor 12inch figures from action city vivo city this afternoon. the house was too noisy after my nite duty so we set off early to watch final destination 4 3D and collect the toys. i received a sms from the action city staff and they were nice to reserve for me. i've wanted to skip john connor in leather and go for the rumored piece in black BDU with a special base. but after flipping thru pages from toy world forum, they had too received the new batch of john connor, i was sucked in again. the previous batch at HK had a bad head sculpt and a replacement was sent out to the buyers. this new batch is all corrected.

Friday, August 28, 2009

snow leopard touched down

i purchased the snow leopard upgrade from leopard OS for $48. u'll need 2G Ram and intel chipset. there's also another set that cost $248 with iLife09 and iWorks09 meant for upgraders from tiger OS to snow leopard.

lt's pop in the disc and see how long it takes .... wait

took 1hours and 10mins to complete. dont feel any different from leopard so far.

i'm wrong, opening of "windows" are really faster .... nice

Thursday, August 27, 2009

halloween is near

my halloween stuff from my wife .... halloween is round the corner ....

on the room wall

batman arkham asylum CE

batman arkham asylum has been on my radar for a while and the CE version was like a must buy.

but when i saw my brother-in-law played the xbox360 demo, it kinda suck. that very nite i tried the demo on ps3, wow, looks awesome.

few days later, i had to strike out the game [due funding] for i'm very much a marvel fan [excuse] and the villians in DC comics will prob not interest me, but joker's big name from dark knight movie has gain huge popularity and my view on DC comics, very much thanks to the late heath ledger that played the demented joker. dilemma ends.

on 24th playasia had the R1 CE but i had let it go. the very nite, the game was SOLD OUT. i continue to read more thread on gameaxis.

i saw the unboxing video, the batarang that came with the CE was a huge disapppointment. a plastic unremovable batarang that is stuck to the batarang stand, makes the CE a foul taste.

26 august 09 marks the launch of batman arkham asylum. the hype was huge. i followed the thread again on gameaxis forum. i fell in love with the game again.
the local distributor had decided to bring in R2 versions. R2's notoriety of DLC has always been an issue for singapore PS3 gamers. but with EU PSN network cards coming out in sept, the R2 normal and R2 CE is like a plague, a pandemic, all stock almost wiped out island wide.

comics connection had sold out, hmv had left 2 copies. all R2. kimotheraphy had some R1 CE stock at $15x but will come in next week. when i gave another closer look into the unboxing and more reading, i came to know the R2 CE at $139<, the game dont come with a metal case to house the batarang and the journal is not leatherbound, so much inferior to the R1 CE counterpart.

i went to funzcentre, all ready to get R2 normal version. on the counter was R2 and R1 CE stacked up, one big one small box. i asked crystal if the R1 CE is for sale, she said she make a phone call.

glad the other buyer had give up. this one is mine. i was given a special price below $179. $179 is the premium price cos it was shipped overnite. the next wave of R1 CEs will come in saturday with the normal version. the price will be lower but all reserved. but another shippment will come in too.

so much babble .... pictures below ....

nice, i get the carton box shipped. do not open b4 christmas ....

the package .... transparent slip cover that u can see the batarang box. very batman gadget.

back of the slip cover.

not a metal case but a nice strong plastic. good for a display. do note the R2 CE will replace this case with a cupboard box, but the price is cheaper locally.

plastic, but not mcdonald toy plastic. it's pretty hard. lucky its fixed to the stand of same material. it can be a real fatal toy if swung. the batarang is full of scratches, battle damaged? the rest of the contents are contained below the batarang and form.

clockwise: 1) leatherbound journal with arkham logo imbossed. can convert to your very own journal, remove book inside and replace with a smaller size journal. 2) game with making of blu-ray. 5 vids + about 5 trailers. HD. 3) advert slip of strategy guide. 4) color manual. 5) sticker with code for crime alley on the reverse. too bad mine isnt the gametop version so no exlcusive code for "dem bones" map.

and here's the awesome journal ....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

head porter acessories

bought 2 karabiner, 1 black and 1 gold at $15 each, and a phone strap with metal clasp at $55 from . met seller instead of via mail. items were great, didnt them at surrender but glad found indie-lab thru google and saw them posting at HWZ forum and located their homepage.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

head porter goodies + toro the cat

bought a mouse for my vaio w. decided to settle for a $19.90 mircosoft mouse instead of the vaio mouse at $79. when i got home, i came to know the model of the sony mouse are the ones they issue for pre-order of the vaio at japan. but in japan they'll have matching colors with your vaio w, from brown to pink to white.

still this microsoft mouse is very cool, it blinks red at the orange side when plugged in.

and in japan the pre-order of the vaio comes with head porter magazine bag and a mouse pouch. my wife was right i'll be dwelling into this in no time.

samuel had mentioned a shop near orchard boulevard that sells headporter stuff. a little search i located the shop to be surrender. think were were formerly at far east plaza. the shop is located at devonshire road 119, parking is a major problem.

nice slogan

bought a sling bag .... $320

and a long awaited new wallet at $120

a comparison in size between my old M wallet with the new L wallet. the old wallet has been thru the thick n thins.

my HP guarantee cards ....

visited iluma. watched a 3D360 theatre for $5 each. we were in time for a horror screening. a 3D glasses was issued. fits pretty well, better then the paper one i had for my bloody valentine 3D blu-ray. pretty fun. the rest of the building seems pretty dull with a huge space. got my toro cat game for ps3 at the comics connection outlet.

Friday, August 21, 2009

obsessed blu-ray

spent the whole morning setting up 3 new sub-blogs and menu bar for all blogs, it has been tiring. bought this blu-ray yesterday from mellim.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

apple time capsule + macbook + vaio

since i got some time b4 work, i've decided to dig out the apple time capsule from the vaults to archive/backup my macbook.

my macbook harddisk is nearing its max with 9Gig of space left. deleted my unsuccessful attempt of time capsuling and use the time capsule box as a ext harddisk. but is it safe to archive my items inside or buy a ext harddisk that is compatible with both apple and pc?

and once i've free up space i'll add use the mac as the base for music and photos while the new little vaio be chunk free.

have also decided to burn all NIN songs that i have and transfer them in mp3 format into the vaio.

my wife encouraged me to get a mouse for the vaio. windows format arent so friendly w/o a mouse while the mac works great with fingers on the touch pad alone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PS3 Slim

ps3 slim is announced at gamecon at colonge and scheduled to be released in sept 2009 at USD299. perhaps it'll be my blu-ray player

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vaio w touchdown

adrian w came back from mongolia, the shopping centre happened to sell plymobil. he got me a copy ....

the long awaited vaio finally are in my hands. have always wanted a vaio, finally the wait is over. at $899, a netbook sony vowed not to produce, 2day i have one, the sony vaio w.

pre-ordered thru sony style 2weeks ago, scheduled to arrive 19to24 august, it came in 2day 1day early. comes in 3 colors to choose, white, pink and brown. pre-orders get a free pouch. in japan pre-orders get pouch, mouse, head-porter tote bag and mouse pouch.

call from sony came in at 145pm. 1 am to start work at 245pm. a quick bath, rushed down to sony at bishan J8 where i ordered. picked it and and zoomeed to work. 2day they only have 1 brown but the remaining stock will com 2mrw. as i was the first to order from this branch, i am lucky to pick my 2day.

below some pix of my new adventure .... photos could have been sharper.