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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

watchmen and confessions of a shopaholic blu-ray

the latest issue of PULSE has a clip of "watchmen" movie which got me interested in the show. perhaps zack snyner's 300 ddint really impressed me or was it the DC comics francise or was it "watchmen" didnt really caught me for their oblivious, this movie never really put itself on my radar til PULSE intro. a run thru xtremeforum to realized most copies are taken up. but the next day i found some1 selling it again so i had to grab it, a nearby sale at bishan.

and after the long wait "confessions of a shopaholic" too appear available so i took my chance again.


Joshua said...

bro, where'd you get ur bluray for watchmen??

sket said...

bought it from xtremeplace forum. it's a local forum. should have plenty of sellers bringing it in. supposedly selling like hot cakes.