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Sunday, August 16, 2009

cursed since april, but there were good stuff

april: 1) missed promotion at work / but got good performance bonus

may: 2) car broke down at heeren car park. family managed to take cab back safely. major repair due timing belt broke and lead to multiple spoilt parts. damaged $2.5k.

june: 3) car repaired with additional of $1k for 4 new tires and parts changed. repaired rear bumper that was long due.

july: great Liverpool FC game at stadium. 4) not promoted again, but slight pay increment and 1/2 performance bonus collected early for 2010. 5) milo spilled in front passenger seat. 6) car accident, glad everyone in both car not hurt. lucas was not in car. other party was a accommodating indian man.

august: great NIN concert. 7) newly repaired front lip hit curb. 8) spill coffee in car and body. 9) tyre punctured, glad i travelled to in-law, to marina, to home, to in-law, to home finally tyre flattened.

has the bad luck ended?

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