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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

enterbay godfather

received the sms from tfh enterbay godfather has touched down. have been seeing toyworld hong kong forum showing their haul i'm sure our local shores are getting ours soon. uncle loong shop [xl-shop] had it for a few days b4 it's a sold-out tag.

i've seen the hot toys version at titanium at ion and im surely impressed by their rendition as well. glad enterbay made their mark again for this prestige item.

the box is about a 12inch size and it has a overall good weight.

the slip cover is removed and reveals the treasure. this box is made of solid cupboard stock. notice the paramount pictures logo at the back of the box.

first layer u get the figure, the metal cert, the ball point pen, the chair and the "nothing to shout about" pre-order postcards.

removing the figure has the second layer with the accessories, one extra hand.

ok, there's the postcard set

the stand is simply amazing. it's full metal and it has so much weight.
the cat has rooted whiskers that my wife notice at the shop upon inspection.

the chair is of solid plastic, and has a swivel action.

too bad the pen isnt a fountain pen, but again, good weight. the enterbay and godfather logo are printed in the middle

i've really lost my rating for using a compact camera i borrowed from my wife. it's a good camera, but i just dunno really how to make good use of it. shameful.

the tummy is cushion so u get the effect of the paunch. enterbay dont really make good articulation or perhaps i'm never accustomed to pose their figures.

overall the figure is worth the $225 paid. all enterbay products are worth that much effort they make and material used.

and i'm very outdated, finally got my tony stark suit .... my wife saw the display at ion titanium and totally love it. comes with a neck to fit robert downey jnr's head from ironman mark3. his neck was customed to fit on iron man mark 3 only so this neck will be a perfect fit with a bigger ball joint.

hot toys narrow shoulders naked figure is outta stock at falcon's, will prob go hunt for one, they only have the slim body. do i need a slim body too?


LEon said...

cool! Now you going to make them an offer they can't refuse. LOL

desmond said...

Sket, many collectors complained Enterbay chair is a bit small and the cat is big. As usual, the material of the suit used is not as good as Hot toys. Looking back to your pictures above, the complaints are "valid". I also know Enterbay used nylon material for all its products e.g. Bean's suit and President Palmer's suit..Enterbay should find a better factory for wardrobe production..Need Improvement!!

sket said...

now u mentioned, yes the chair seems problematic for him to sit down properly. will prob go ion to take a look at the hot toys chair. the clothing also has button problems like brotherworker series that will just peel off over time as they are glued on. i was too quick to pre-order when i first saw it with a basic comparison with hot toys version via prototypes. i've really stopped pre-ordering as commitment sometimes can be fatal, pay bit more later or simply dont buy is my new adapt. overall still, i love the headsculpt, which is primary to my choice mostly.

Joshua said...

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should you be interested do register @ open the toy by 10pm TODAY.


desmond said...

Yes Sket, I saw the actual Enterbay godfather head sculpt yesterday. Damn nice and is better than Hot Toys version. The reason I buy Enterbay figures is because of the accurate likeness head sculpts they produced. I am also doing the same way like you nowadays. See actual product then buy otherwise just skip it. No point making preorder as I believe there is still extra pieces we can get from toy shops now..

sket said...

desmond, nice assurance from your views