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Thursday, August 20, 2009

apple time capsule + macbook + vaio

since i got some time b4 work, i've decided to dig out the apple time capsule from the vaults to archive/backup my macbook.

my macbook harddisk is nearing its max with 9Gig of space left. deleted my unsuccessful attempt of time capsuling and use the time capsule box as a ext harddisk. but is it safe to archive my items inside or buy a ext harddisk that is compatible with both apple and pc?

and once i've free up space i'll add use the mac as the base for music and photos while the new little vaio be chunk free.

have also decided to burn all NIN songs that i have and transfer them in mp3 format into the vaio.

my wife encouraged me to get a mouse for the vaio. windows format arent so friendly w/o a mouse while the mac works great with fingers on the touch pad alone.

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