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Saturday, August 22, 2009

head porter goodies + toro the cat

bought a mouse for my vaio w. decided to settle for a $19.90 mircosoft mouse instead of the vaio mouse at $79. when i got home, i came to know the model of the sony mouse are the ones they issue for pre-order of the vaio at japan. but in japan they'll have matching colors with your vaio w, from brown to pink to white.

still this microsoft mouse is very cool, it blinks red at the orange side when plugged in.

and in japan the pre-order of the vaio comes with head porter magazine bag and a mouse pouch. my wife was right i'll be dwelling into this in no time.

samuel had mentioned a shop near orchard boulevard that sells headporter stuff. a little search i located the shop to be surrender. think were were formerly at far east plaza. the shop is located at devonshire road 119, parking is a major problem.

nice slogan

bought a sling bag .... $320

and a long awaited new wallet at $120

a comparison in size between my old M wallet with the new L wallet. the old wallet has been thru the thick n thins.

my HP guarantee cards ....

visited iluma. watched a 3D360 theatre for $5 each. we were in time for a horror screening. a 3D glasses was issued. fits pretty well, better then the paper one i had for my bloody valentine 3D blu-ray. pretty fun. the rest of the building seems pretty dull with a huge space. got my toro cat game for ps3 at the comics connection outlet.

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