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Thursday, August 13, 2009

STGCC Media Day Report [Action City / Hot Toys]

my favorite booth for STGCC will be action city. they had their bread/loti line, the medicom bearbricks and most importantly the launch of 2 exclusive items by hot toys. many thx to LEon and other fellow toy bloggers to have alerted me on this event, and especially to LEon who gave away invites to visit the show on Media Day.

the 2 exclusives. T600 concept at SGD299 and sillythings Iron Man Mark III at $399. 1 set per customer [public] and limited sets per day .... i resisted only a partial temptation.

tong hong was nice to advise chee keong to remove the case for me if i needed to play with the toy ....

marcus wright looking fine !!!

uncanny to see the real thing up close and personal. the DX joker and DX batman dark knight.

all pics loaded with M1 moblie broadband at 4mbps .... it's faster than my unrealiable home broadband by starhub at 8mbps.


woodhead said...

Great trip man! The dude, Hong Tong as in Hongkong Tong?? Wish I could make it this weekend.

How much is the batmobile n t600 concept selling for?

sket said...

no not hongkong tong but tong hong of Action City boss. T600 concept at $299, 1 piece per person. didnt ask how much is the batmobile tho. it was a huge box for sure.

LEon said...

You did a great coverage Sket. Glad you like the event and wrote so many post on it. :D

desmond said...

Woodhead - heard Action City is selling batmobile at $899.

sket said...

without u LEon it would have been impossible .... million thx.