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Saturday, August 29, 2009

hot toys john connor n slim true type

bought this at the chocolate research facility at wheelock place. mine's green apple n dried pear. my wife bought the rose petal and it's surprisingly good. the chocolates runs from $8 to $12 each bar. the flavors are aplenty.

bought the slim true type and john connor 12inch figures from action city vivo city this afternoon. the house was too noisy after my nite duty so we set off early to watch final destination 4 3D and collect the toys. i received a sms from the action city staff and they were nice to reserve for me. i've wanted to skip john connor in leather and go for the rumored piece in black BDU with a special base. but after flipping thru pages from toy world forum, they had too received the new batch of john connor, i was sucked in again. the previous batch at HK had a bad head sculpt and a replacement was sent out to the buyers. this new batch is all corrected.


desmond said...

Initially not intend to buy Terminator Salvation series. Due to the great head sculpts done, I have saved up for John Connor and Marcus Wright..HAHA!!

sket said...

the new head sculpt uses a new material, so it's worth the take

Anonymous said...

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