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Friday, August 07, 2009

shine like it does, my car is back

my wife got me more tees and a pair of bermudas from old navy. i'm gonna wear these usa flag tees on national day eve and national day.

repaired my front bumper finally after kissing the wish on aye. both cars repair totals $300 which is a good deal. anyone needs some body work can contact me. this workshop is mend by my long time friend boon, a classmate and friend since 1977, he now co-own the company with his dad at sin min car repair area.

*number plates revert to the stock.

my pet tortise has grown pretty big already. her/his previous 2 friends are swimming at kent ridge pond. will let her off some day.


Kenny said...

Nice going with the tees =)

desmond said...

Golden Coin Turtle, this was one of my pets during teenage time...

sket said...

so that' what's it's called. i only knowu buy them from markets