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Thursday, August 13, 2009

singapore toy games & comic convention

thx to joshua from the stormtrooper effect blog i try my luck at LEon's blog and got my invite for STGCC to participate the media nite as a blogger.

the convention will open to public from 14 to 16 August 11am to 9pm and sunday closes at 8pm at Suntec Convention Hall 401 and 402.

i've been pretty much a skeptic to local toy and comic conventions but this year proved big.

cliff asked me if i will be visiting this event on friday. leon is also trying to organize a meetup on friday as well. i will be bringing my son for a checkup so i cant commit so this invite for media seems very appropriate overall.

this will be a great chance for me open my lens and catch-up and have a early review to what's in store for all ....

toys, games, comics .... they were and are still part of my daily routine ....

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LEon said...

Come join us on Friday too if you can. :D