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Saturday, February 18, 2006

my new number plate

the rain thwarted us for a hike to the macritchie treetop. i had brought along 2 kubricks while my wife brought a blythedoll for photography. we were complaining about bad sun but it was the opposite that shortened the day. above my new number plate in chrome.

bought 2 items yesterday at heeren. my most expensive cd to date.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

amazon and the power of words

2 new movies screening that will interest me n my wife. "the fog" opens 2day while "49days" opens thursday. 2 horror movies for this weekend, awesome.

three items came in the post 2day from, just when me n my wife were talking about it chancing to arrive earlier than the stipulated date. the parcel comprises 2 CDs by 2002 "this moment now" and the new album "the emerald way", n my dishwalla dvd. kickass.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

call in central

if only i can call in central.

pictures from sime road cemetary.

amazingly thin skin that is almost transparent

i beat Doctor Dominion at 230am, completing my Sims2 PSP game, finally. the game now goes into freeplay mode like Sims and Sims2, contrary to the PSPversion that has a storyline that u must conquer b4 freeplay. will put this umd for sale at yahoo auctions, and continue to the out of touch GTA Liberty City Stories.

had breakfast with my wife this morning. a surprising old friend visits. a white no chilli otak! i havent seen these fellows for ages since the late 70s. my wife has never seen such a version b4, and it was randomly assigned to me during breakfast this morning, amazing.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


collected my "7". it's great!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

new things

went to town for shopping with my wife, and to meet up with 2 fellows to pass them toys i sold 'em at yahoo auctions. first stop is PlazaSing to collect my reserved copy of "into the blue" code1 dvd from BlueMax. so i heard "house of wax" dvd is banned. i have been outdated.

i can only do code1 dvds, or all region music dvds. i dont have a region free dvd player, i prefer code1 dvds anyways, and i dont dig piracy.

next stop takasimaya, had lunch at Ambush. my wife bought a pair of earrings and some stationeries at Kinokuniya. i got a psp zine and a surprise find .... a bathing ape catalog spring / summer 06. comes with a free white camo tote bag. awesome.

went to Tangs and i met up with a decent fellow to sell him my yoda (!!??!!). walked to FarEastPlaza and got myself a last season bathing ape tee. as i walked into the dark realms of the alleys .... a shop called ambrush sucked me in and i am poorer with a new maha snopants. been waiting to get a piece for quite awhile. the price is right this time.

waited for an hour but 2nd chap i am supoose to meet had not reply to any sms or attend to the calls. went eat dinner at sunflower vegetarian and head home b4 the chingay pocession.

came home n my new bracelet my wife bought me has arrived in registered mail. yet to get my wife her Vday present yet. oops.

2mrw will start off with another bigbang .... meeting a girl at 10am whom had returned from malaysia, will collect my brothersfree X levi's 12" action figure which she had kindly 'import' to our homeland. this item belongs to her brother-in-law which i had purchase from him thru a malaysia toy forum.

has been a tiring day. time to rest and watch some dvds.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


was reminded of this digital shot i have in my iBook from another person's blog. too bad, when my desktop's hardisk got wiped-out the other time, i lost most of our digital photos; many memorable pictures me n my wife took from our journies to resorts, parks, graves, and toy poses. the above picture my wife took of me n simon, who mans conceptshop, last july in HK. spent quite abit there, visited 3 times in 7days of HK.