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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lucas boy ill + g-shock magazine

boy fell ill at infantcare.

vomited thrice, then once in the clinic then once in the car. 5times total.

we spotted some rash on his leg for 2days.

got these 2 magazines at taka 2day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

G-5600 yellow and orange n triangle

i always wonder where did i derived some quotes, like ....

1) choice but no choice


2) motion in the notion [when lucas passes motion and it smells]

and i finally got it .... it's from enter the dragon, ".... the art of fighting without fighting"

didnt know my toiletries has a orange theme ....

bought this at hmv after the rbs $5 saga. so they only give out the coups if u spend $50 and above. this movie, surprisingly is a good show.

got my g-shock from bencoolen at a good price of $89. was $137 at g-factory, $98 at H2 Hub at JP2 and here at an amazing price. my fever for g-shock is sure on the rise. called kino to reserve that g-shock bible.

i was contemplating between a 5600-ms and then a 5500 grey, then the todd jordan 5600, then the original green 5600 and finally this tough solar 5600 yellow.

G-100 remin soldout everywhere ....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

astroboy blu-ray and 30secs from mars

got these 2 items 2day at hmv. ultilized my $5 coupon i got for signing my purchase with a rbs card. 2day i got another again. isabelle [who was with me while i met her for coffee] checked with them on what criteria do i get the coupon, the reply was as long as i use rbs card, no min purchase. i could have simply split payment for my items and get $5 off each of it .... fedup

Monday, March 22, 2010

gow3 guide and ff plush

package got stuck in the postbox, pretty common. i cut the box to retrieve my items.

bought the gow3 normal guide from playasia. the ff plush is free ship taggin along with my free ship guide. if it's sent on it's own i'll have to pay shipping.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

head porter magazine

bought a head porter magazine at kino 2day. was gonna go look for a british shorthair book but couldnt find any.

flipped thru the g-shock magazine ....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

all cats are grey

this cd, 1979 release i believe, used to have it on vinyl, listen and explored the band back in the late 80s, running their older catalog, laughing at youths doing tea dance ....

a track that surely caught me, track 4, all cats are grey. their moodiness, not goth but superb moody, suits me, emo b4 emo.

managed to buy this case b4 picking up stuff at pet lovers at vivo. getting ready for a new friend. a long lost friend .... am gonna sell 2 of my slightly oxidated .45 sabers at my booth at toyscrazi at CCS. my sales are doing well, hope all wiped out so i fdont have to carry anything home. selling old toys has always been a pleasure ....

and introducing cody, my wife bought him at a pet shop at chipbee, a blue point british shorthair. will need to get him a huge cage, a shorthair guide and another paper toilet sand as we got something less desirable.

all cats are grey

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GOW3 and Vivaz

GOW3 came in 2day. bought the local version. saw a R2 Limited with the 2 DLC skins and arena packaged at $149 at gamemartz. collected mine from funzcentre orchard.

my vivaz came in thru the courier. M1's online offer via delivery is $40 cheaper than buying off the shop. traded in my aino for this, paid $248 total. our version comes with a cam stand, pouch and screen protector.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

swapped R2 FF13 to R1 FF13

swapped my R2 FF13 to a R1 FF13 at $40. left it in my bag. in the funzcentre bag. when i came home at night, the cover was stained with marks of the plastic bag. hmm ....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a lazy morning ....

the rain didnt washed away the haze. i reversed into another pillar while parking to drop the boy to his infant care with his mother, the usual, neglect or rushing .... but it didnt feel bad 2day. the rugged car got another bruise which he doesnt care.

a lazy morning, the fumes irritates my nose, i sneezed. not much house chores? drilling up down below everywhere around. i wait for fedex to arrive with my overpriced game guide. flight was delay, was it the weather?

2days to arrive. via fedex from playasia. do i even like the game yet?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

hmv visit (rare)

went hmv after a nice meal at "tain sia di yi" at tee for my wife, one cd ofr my wife, and a joint tee for myself.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

FF13 and PTOM us

ff13 and ptom us. too many games too little time ....

1) AC2 session13
2) RE5 DLC 2
3) Sonic Sega Racing
4) Heavy Rain
5) FF13

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

sonic speedway and no heavy rain

not my direction but i bought the local version blu-ray for jennifer's body, for y laziness to meet up with private sellers, plus my wife wanted to watch it last nite, when i had to leave for my nite duty. of course in the end she mere;y switched off the blu-ray player and the tv cos she got too tired. we are pretty jam-packed of late, doing chores and taking care of the boy after his childcare, we've sacked our maid for a week now, think we both got slimmer, but got closer too to the boy himself.

got this little display case for my little helms. $2 a pop from daiso.

finally bought my howard's shelf for the bomb shelter. they are a breeze to fix, and so awesomely beautiful .... which i could get more, put them everywhere in the house. in a matter of mins, they were just stacked up with boxes and they look pleasant anymore

sold my DOA CE and korean BH5 alternate version to funzcentre for $75 and bought Sonic Sega Speedway at discounted price at closing time.

heavy rain remains under MDA's jurisdiction, including R1 imports via overseas, which was intervened by sony, halted delivery from states, until MDA finnaly decide on a rating or fucking ban it altogether .... we have FF13 and GOW3 smelling their way thru in coming weeks ....