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Saturday, March 20, 2010

all cats are grey

this cd, 1979 release i believe, used to have it on vinyl, listen and explored the band back in the late 80s, running their older catalog, laughing at youths doing tea dance ....

a track that surely caught me, track 4, all cats are grey. their moodiness, not goth but superb moody, suits me, emo b4 emo.

managed to buy this case b4 picking up stuff at pet lovers at vivo. getting ready for a new friend. a long lost friend .... am gonna sell 2 of my slightly oxidated .45 sabers at my booth at toyscrazi at CCS. my sales are doing well, hope all wiped out so i fdont have to carry anything home. selling old toys has always been a pleasure ....

and introducing cody, my wife bought him at a pet shop at chipbee, a blue point british shorthair. will need to get him a huge cage, a shorthair guide and another paper toilet sand as we got something less desirable.

all cats are grey

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