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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a lazy morning ....

the rain didnt washed away the haze. i reversed into another pillar while parking to drop the boy to his infant care with his mother, the usual, neglect or rushing .... but it didnt feel bad 2day. the rugged car got another bruise which he doesnt care.

a lazy morning, the fumes irritates my nose, i sneezed. not much house chores? drilling up down below everywhere around. i wait for fedex to arrive with my overpriced game guide. flight was delay, was it the weather?

2days to arrive. via fedex from playasia. do i even like the game yet?


Ragnarok-Ex said...

ahh.. should have gotton the guide @ $15 USD earlier at book depository :P

i'm gonna to collect at post office later today

sket said...

ya, i better get ready fro GOW3

saruman said...

it's a great game bro! I'm playing it at the moment! (abd tomorrow GOW3 will come out!)