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Monday, March 01, 2010

sonic speedway and no heavy rain

not my direction but i bought the local version blu-ray for jennifer's body, for y laziness to meet up with private sellers, plus my wife wanted to watch it last nite, when i had to leave for my nite duty. of course in the end she mere;y switched off the blu-ray player and the tv cos she got too tired. we are pretty jam-packed of late, doing chores and taking care of the boy after his childcare, we've sacked our maid for a week now, think we both got slimmer, but got closer too to the boy himself.

got this little display case for my little helms. $2 a pop from daiso.

finally bought my howard's shelf for the bomb shelter. they are a breeze to fix, and so awesomely beautiful .... which i could get more, put them everywhere in the house. in a matter of mins, they were just stacked up with boxes and they look pleasant anymore

sold my DOA CE and korean BH5 alternate version to funzcentre for $75 and bought Sonic Sega Speedway at discounted price at closing time.

heavy rain remains under MDA's jurisdiction, including R1 imports via overseas, which was intervened by sony, halted delivery from states, until MDA finnaly decide on a rating or fucking ban it altogether .... we have FF13 and GOW3 smelling their way thru in coming weeks ....


LEon said...

THose helmet look neat!

Rafys78 said...


Do you own PS3 'fat' or Slim?
'Cause you might already know (or maybe not, there's a global problem whereby you cannot access PSN & play a few PS3 titles.

This is due to the system trying to change the date to 1st March 2010.

Oh, & this also affect your trophies.......

On the safe side, better not turn on your PS3 while connected.

P/s : Me likey the case.

sket said...

@leon, yes neat mini helms indeed.

@Rafys, mine's a slim now. my phat died last year.