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Saturday, February 27, 2010

hot toys astroboy

there's 2 versions of hot toys astroboy. i got the recent articulated version, thx to my wife who alerted me earlier, of such great work by hot toys. would have been a missed, but it's surely one of they're best works.

got it at $165 from andrew of toyscrazi. prob bringing some of my old stuff to sell at his shop by renting a booth pretty soon ....

astroboy's my first official hot toys toy at the pinnacle .... good start.

nice back of the box.

in the box ....

hmm, quite a cute little fellow

above, the sequences of how his eyes gets lights up ....

i love his stand. embossed astroboy font and base in a shape of his head.

and his stand gives opportunity of plenty of airborne poses.

my boy, lucasboy, when he gets angy, he'll press his palms down and his face will turn red in anger, his pose reminds me of the astroboy pose.


desmond said...

He looks nice with his eyes lighted up..Cool little guy!!

sket said...

yes a fine piece form hot toys. have yet to watch the new movie.