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Friday, July 21, 2006

can water snails live with terrapins?

zinc was nice to offer me a emperor.

kino was nice to go to the "not ready stock" to fetch my famitsu xbox 360.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

plastic cards for plastic people

my annual leave starts 2mrw. this 10day slot was balloted last november. as we [the zombie family aka horror couple] had planned for a shopping trip to japan next year, and by 'planned' we do not imply we will save funds for it, this year's leave is a low key.

the original options were to make a visit to the ruins of places like cambodia or laos or vietnam or of that sort, OR, a regional cruise on the star cruises, OR, another rerun at bintan Angsana or Btree, Or lastly an option to KL.

with some unforseen circumcisions, we were cut to paying for a wrong trip [still waiting for the partial refund] and had to come down to a 2day bus ride to malaysia KL.

staying away from prozac, i am dealing life with much laze and pace by "doing it" one at a time from my neverending tasklist.

yesterday i had finally brought my car for servicing. tho nothing compared to other drivers who'll bring their car to the agents, i left my landspeeder with the good hands of CAS Delgro. additional oil changes cost me $306 form the intended $148 package. had my aircon gas topped up and the transmission oil re-piped. now the car aircon stinks with supposed freshness. yuks.

can helping mum rewire the tv and disc players this morning be considered but of my programme? ok leave start only 2mrw, last day for thw wicked .... i'll be diligent when my 13day recuperation commences.

i'm enjoying RockStar:Supernova on StarTv. ok i know who's Jason Newsted and TommyLee looks hagged. but who's Gilby Clarke? still, anytime better watching SingaporeIdol on the other channel. ok, teenagers and hopeful parents still exist, or do people watch it as a perv entertainment?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

ape shit

today's shopping aquisitions:-

sdcc 501st Stormtrooper, sideshow catalog vol9, 360 zine, new essential guide to droids, hulk dvd, troy dvd, xbox live zine, games zine, chanel allure sport pour homme

shake it like u ape shit.

Friday, July 14, 2006

uncanny sony and spiderman

same fonts used by sony for spiderman 2, 3, and playstation3. nice.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

death of memory sticks / gentlemen START your engines

my wife had problems with her sony cam last nite. i manage to sort out the prob b4 she set off to work. i took some pictures on a different cam and i encountered problems with 2 mem sticks, diff format from my wife's. is this the day they call it "the death of memory sticks"?

the phrase "gentlemen, START your engines" is etched in my mind, it reminds me of the coin-op game "daytona". i've never been much a racing fan in my youth, but passed year car mod has increased my interest in "drving faster". i had my fog lamps repaired after a 2month delay and had the circuit rewired for easier troubleshooting in the future. in the car mod shop there was this "start button" by pivot. gonna cost $160 to install.

terriyaki boyz are putting themselves on the music map by having couple of songs on F&F:toyko drift soundtrack. call me cheap, i bought a local made cd .... whatever happened ??

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

emperor's new clothes

my new watch i got from watches of switzerland. TAG Heuer Automatic Carrera Chrono Racing. Brad Pitt being along time ambassador for Carrera Chrono series, this round this 2006 40th anni version is endorsed by Jeff Gordon, Nascar racer from canada.

bought series 6 SW kubricks as well. didnt buy any chase figures, as usual.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


england lost to portugal over penalities on the quarter finals of the world cup. hope france who had kicked brazil's ass will beat portugal for england's revenge to be in the finals.

this round's UPS package was too bulky for a "drop-off, no one home" delivery so i rquested to pickup my package from UPS House at Changi South.

this shipment comprises xb360 goodies :- 2 mugs, lanyard and pen, a frisbee, a beanie and a water bottle, a grey tee and a messenger bag.

also bought a accessories box from a local user who got this item from the local 360 launch. not in mint but cool.

the urban legend tour hosted by API [asia paranomal investigators] that me and wife attended last nite seem to have tire me out. think i might have caught a cold.