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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

x-men origins: wolverine guide + singstar pop edition

came in the mail 2day. xmen origins: wolverine game guide and singstar pop edition for PS3.


LEon said...

sket how's your car doing? btw you use ps3 to watch all your bluray movie? what region you buy? your ps3 sg set? thinking of buying a ps3 somewhere this year to watch bluray movie. any recommendation?

sket said...

car is bad. timing belt snap and replacing it didnt work so will incur at least 1.5k if not 2k plus to repair. hope it ends here.

sket said...

my ps3 is local. Asia version. yes i use my ps3 for blu-ray movies. our local ps3 is regionA for blu-rays, and it covers most related countries .... USA, JAPAN, HK, SG. but if u wanna watch dvd on yr ps3, u'll need to watch region3.

LEon said...

Sorry about your car. Your insurance cover for that I hope.

Thanks for the info. Will get a local PS3 soon. I $$ 1st. LOL