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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

terminator salvation official movie companion + car repair developments

was almost having the chance to own Hot Toys T-700 early last saturday, but Aleydis didnt bring it from HK. Toy Hunters apparently didnt have their stock yet. but does gave me the opportunity to switch my foucs on T-600 or the T-700 diorama?

Hot Toys have been updating their site lately this week. lotsa releases back to back. and my fever for Terminator Salvation grew wilder. heard some not so cool reviews on the movie. i didnt like The Dark Knight when i saw it in the cinema. but i grew to love it when watched it on blu-ray, of how dark this movie is. but my bets are still high on the fourth installment of the Terminator series on the big screen, and i want it to be good. the Matrix trilogy had a bad end.

on the contrary of being the 4th, TermSal is too the part1 of the supposedly new Terminator trilogy, based on the apocalyptical judgement day era. the Matrix trilogy started strong but had a bad part3, in my opinion, just like LoTR which the heat die of at the end. but it's still a long way to place any bias. we in real life are approaching the end of the human race. end of the world movies, machines taking over mankind, better sell well.

went to collect my baby car seat and stroller + other items in my car from the workshop. my car repair cost goes up everyday, it has been extended to be kept there longer due more damages discovered. the broken timing belt lead to crooked valves, 12 of them, and of 4 which needed to be ordered overseas. my pipings have hardened, and the valve guards needed replacement, which again cannot be found locally. expected cost, $2.5k.

a phone call came. the valve guards are not available around this region. they need to order from korea and it takes at least 14days. looks like my car wont be available til mid june.

i almost bought a novel for that little TermSal keychain. i saw it as a Kinokuniya free gift for purchasing any TermSal related books from Kinokuniya. but upon inspection, the keychain dont look good. i would buy a movie "making of" book over a novelization. with that it stopped me from spending the wrong money.

i chance upon the movie "making of" book at the fever of TermSal rose everyday as it approaches 28th May, Singapore's cinema opening. and i'm glad i got a 20%off buying it yesterday for readers week at Kino or something. they didnt give me the key chain, dont i dont really need it, but i went back to reclaim my entitlement.

the book is a good read. it kept me awake in my journey home after accompanying my with to work via bus/train. i had chose this book over the artbook, again maximizing the limited funds i have. "making of" vs concept art on a blu-ray, "making of" wins hands down. i wanted a movie related book now, to give me better decisions on which Hot Toys figure to choose; T-600, T-700, T-700 diorama, John Connor, but it'll probably makes things worst that i'll want all of them. i really have no money nor space for everything right now.

just at the first portion of the book, and i'm not gonna read any reviews to the movie as US residents had a head start, i've come to know more how the movie was conceived. so marcus wright and kyle reese are key characters in the movie. and humanity is a focus in this war film.

"it's a biblical, two-hour definition of the word 'salvation', which is deliverance from your sins and how that's earned. inthe end, it's about finding relief from one's sins and the importance of sacrifice to greater good" ~ quote from 'the official movie companion'


woodhead said...

Sorry to hear abt ur car. I would rather wait for the T-600 coz the T-700 is similar to the T-800 but yet is not screen accurate.

I got the making of and art of TS, but I felt there isn't much detail except for the terminator designs. The environments and backdrops are quite plain and desolate.

Was very disappointed with the game, seeing the poor reviews it got. So I'm holding out on this one. Too bad, coz I wanted to complement my upcoming 1/6 incarnations with the game, books and blu ray collection. Hope the movie is good. Even that also has its fair share of negative reviews. :p

sket said...

yep the game is relatively bad, and i'm holding my resistance breath for a good movie. i guess christian bale deduce a below par game he refused the voice over.

hmm, maybe i shld skip T-700. perhaps they might release a skin version of T-600, i just hope i'm wrong. as for john connor, the proto head sculpt is just awesome, but the pvc jacket gives me second thoughts.

i'm so looking forward to the screening. if i'm free friday i'll prob watch the movie alone b4 watching it again with my wife.