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Saturday, May 30, 2009

sony ericsson W508

been travelling on the circle line so frequent since it's opening. 2day they have a party in within the station itself. cast of little nonya were there at 11am. i happened to pop by an still catch some nonya celeration. tis pix taken on my new phone, the W508.

back to my roots of a clamshell phone. i trade in my W902 at $210 due scratches and dents and bought the phone b4 deduction at $468 from SE at bishan. the phone comes with a 1G m2 card so i bought a 4G one. i've traded in my m2 card reader 2gther as a full package with my phone so i choose a 4G card with a m2 reader. elaine likes this minute card reader.

fell asleep when mellim smsed me. he came to deliver 2 blu-rays. pessengers at $45 and terminator serial at $42. great price. i didnt had change and he discounted another dollar.

saw and heard about this blu-ray sold at the forum. saw it at Gramophone but bought it $10 more at HMV together with the tee. i had wanted to get this tee, nice to wear it as an air traffic controller, flight 666 banner, now the circle is half complete, cos i might just get the cd soon.

the attraction for the circle line is the view of the tunnel. many pple are so amazed by this horror tunnel. u dont get to see this on the normal lines but it's a open view on either end of the circle line train. the circle line has 3 carriages each and it's 1 minute from my marymount station to bihsan. i travel on the circle line everyday. amazing and true.

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