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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A350 + botanic garden

the carpark where the coaches parked is full and + some minor road works, we were diverted to the main carpark of botanic gardens.i must be pretty suaku not to know there's a underground carpark with many basement levels.

we were in time for setting sun and not too warm weather, great for baby outing.

shot my pictures at 14.2megapixals, ISO200. i was there to try out my waterfall streaming shot but i was hit by birdshit so project abandoned. but i'm pleased with plenty of great photos and some great ones of lucas + wife.

had brought mr bean along but hadnt really much time to set him up.

we left b4 sunset, didnt walk to the auditorium, heard some distant music.

we visted the peak at toa payoh today as well. the 3meter ceiling for 5room is impressive. project finishes in 2012.


desmond said...

I like the first Mr bean picture here. Very natural!!

sket said...

hey thx. indeed better shooting him outdoors