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Thursday, May 07, 2009

at-at tee and wolverine DK book

shot the above 2 shot with my wife's T90. i attended a cybershot course at wisma sony again. the last time was the DSLR this round cybershot. the course taught thorough on the scene mode that makes the cybershot powerful. i gain good knowledge that can compliment with the usage of my A350.

again i was given a $20 voucher to be spend at sony wisma. i've targeted the ND filter at $139.

the at-at shirt was a promo shirt of buy2 at $50 at hmv. i was sorta running short of time so i decided to get just 1 tee at $32.95.

i succumb to the temptation and bought a DK wolverine book. the wolverine shield files book is pretty neat too but i've decided to go for this dk version. other tempations ofr the nite are 2 jimi hendrix blu-ray and the csi season 1 blu-ray.

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