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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

enterbay mr bean

pardon my yukky photos. for the record it's taken using a DSLR w/o flash in room lighting at nite. i'm finding it strange that the shutter seems extremely slow 2day on aperture priority mode. like it's damaged from being kept in the dry cabinet set to 50%.

mr bean is surely not my fave character, but he's pretty much an iconic figure of this or was it last century, someone madam tussuad would or already have made a wax figure out of him.

my macbook seemed to have slow down too, or do i need to defrag a mac harddisk? the net is slow as usual .... the world had slowed down.

so why buy mr bean? got a pretty neat deal at $180 from a local shop. it's enterbay, and the head sculpt is awesome of course. i'm thinking he'll be pretty much a nice poser for comic relief, hence the plunge. why now, like a gush of wind it came.

reviews of this figure has been covered locally by fellow collector, this will be the brief info for my blog.

the logo on the box is embossed. nice touch. and the enterbay logo at the side of the box.

the box opens up to 2 boxes. one for the figure one for the accessories.

this packaging reminds me of my sepia brothersworker back in the early 2000s. sponge protection.

this set comes with their new figure stand. with adjustable fork, and the shaft is height adjusted with ball bearing thru holes.

4 right hands and 2 left hands. the suitcase cant be open. suitcase handle is movable. the bear is not a soft toy.

the eyeball system is the same as the later bruce lee models, indie adjustment per eye, and with this, we can make him really cock-eyed.

a final pix, mr bean poses for NatGeo. hope when the sun shines harder and my hardshake gets lesser, i'll do some better photos for this new toy.


LEon said...

Thanks for the detail review. What about the outdoor photography? LOL

desmond said...

Glad that you bought Mr Bean too..Haha!!

sket said...

LEon, yes hope i'll take some outdoor photos with mr bean.

Desmond, hv read yr review hence i know it's safe to get it, heheh. u are one helluva enterbay collector

Joshua said...

a seriously nice haul you've got sket! i just recently got my enterbay jack bauer and was blown away by its sheer craftsmanship.

i'm sold and am a full supporter of enterbay since i got jack bauer...the craft details by enterbay just rocks my socks...glad you've got an enterbay prodcut too!

cheers bro and nice review!

sket said...

yes josh, we're sold indeed, enterbay is awesome. keifer sutherland was one of my childhood heroes since the "lost boys" days. didnt follow any of the 24series and i'll choose to be that way else i'll fall into my own trap of wanting the figure. i have 3 bruce lees but cant afford the last one anymore .... looking forward to don vito corlene .... hope enterbay beats hot toys cos the competition for corlene is super strong now.

desmond said...

Ya Sket, looking forward to see the final prototype of Enterbay Corlene. The competition between EB and HT is pretty strong now :P