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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

terminator blu-rays

was recalled for work 2day. hanged around for 2hours, the military chose to cancel the F16 flights due bad weather i was released from my duty. didnt even transmitted. my mom found these 2 bottles of sub zero, must have been like 8 years old i think. i told my mu to give to the maid so they will die instant death.

i've swapped my sony earphones to a spare pair of apple ear phones for the iPod Touch. the sony earphones impedance prob dont match it produced too much treble. bought 2 earbuds for the earphones.

with my car in the workshop, train rides is my next preferred mode of transport. i was so engrossed with the music in my ears that i didnt hear the announcement over the PA to get off the train. i looked and the train was empty. a staff ran towards me waving ....

it proved fatal going out and leaving work early .... bought T1, T3 blu-rays, Mika Nakashima first press single Overload, and a cd i tested the other day at HMV.

my wife will be away this weekend. i'll have to be attentive to lucas' nite cries if he gets hungry in the midst.

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