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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

G-5600 yellow and orange n triangle

i always wonder where did i derived some quotes, like ....

1) choice but no choice


2) motion in the notion [when lucas passes motion and it smells]

and i finally got it .... it's from enter the dragon, ".... the art of fighting without fighting"

didnt know my toiletries has a orange theme ....

bought this at hmv after the rbs $5 saga. so they only give out the coups if u spend $50 and above. this movie, surprisingly is a good show.

got my g-shock from bencoolen at a good price of $89. was $137 at g-factory, $98 at H2 Hub at JP2 and here at an amazing price. my fever for g-shock is sure on the rise. called kino to reserve that g-shock bible.

i was contemplating between a 5600-ms and then a 5500 grey, then the todd jordan 5600, then the original green 5600 and finally this tough solar 5600 yellow.

G-100 remin soldout everywhere ....

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