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Monday, August 17, 2009

nine inch nail on right rear tyre

the helicopter rotor sound sounds irritating. it was bugging me from home to my in-laws. i picked my wife up and we headed marina square.

the engine cranking has been like slight lack power of late too.

we done our task drove back to in-laws and the car was parked for 5more hours.

while heading home at about 1030pm, the helicopter sound got louder. finally at a red light while moving offf just outside the estate, the sound became familiar, it's a tyre puncture sound.

being a scout jeep driver in my army days, also a recon trained scout i am, my tyre changing skills tho invalid but still i am confident. but the bolt was simply too tight. and i realized i was too old, my back hurts when i exert too much strenght to losen the bolt. a call to delgro [] for a tyre change cost $35. my spare was almost air-less but i managed to drive to the sin min branch .... was i just here like 2 months ago spending $3.5k, and my 4 tires were spanking new. cockster.

the cause of tyre puncture, was a nine inch nail hitting all the way into the wheel. the mechanic says it should not affect the wheel, lets keep it that way.

the car batt was tested weak too, i'm glad i get it changed today. i dont want another "incident" to happen to me, or be caught by one with pants down .... bloody.

money dont come but money go, i'm so stingy i'll spend on toys and games and blu-rays but not food and repairs like these. hope this round of mends will grant me "total protection" with longer lasting period without needing to consume mana.

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