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Friday, August 24, 2007

macdonalds free internet is too slow to blog

how fast can qmax served me in macdonalds? i munchd my big mac while the photos upload. a crazy shopping spree i had that shouldnt have occured, especially our tokyo trip is round the corner. my macbook keys wil smell of beef, lettuce n cheese.

the tour agent called me while i held on the steering wheel, ready to roll when the preceeding vehicle moves on in this annoying the traffic jam. my air tickets r ready 4 collection, she muttered. it's all jammy 2nite, the unleashed of humanoids on a friday night, everyone wants piece of town.

in order to blog in mac liang court, i bought a memstick reader to transfer my photos since i dont have my digicam cable. swallowed by the noise of conitnous chatter, i finished my dinner without any success in photo uploading into blogspot. SLOW.

hmv staff tld me jay chou's new cd from his new debut directed movie had sold out in singapore. no joy at gramophone either. my wife wanted this cd. this is my only failed mission .... but plenty of backlogged and impromtu purchases otherwise.

more mika nakashima, RAH220 V3 kamen rider at 1/8 scale [my all time fav kame rider], MGS carded figure [hurray]

my skeptisim of ballads has proven me wrong .... 10pm in the car home, mika nakashima proves smoothing .... a good album .... would love the jap press, mine is a local version.

v3 inside, 1/8 scale .... possibly tank hood size. my wife asked didnt i just sold one earlier? oh that was a RAH 12inch old type no1 kamen rider .... guess they all look a little the same. 1980 i was watching these boys fighting monsters after school at 3pm.

the push n pull affair .... in the end i bought both.

leia boushh inside.

assajj ventress inside. my wife tore her out of box in the car .... a figure she'd eyed on.

my long awaited milo [baby goriie] phone charm + other phone charms [not so charming] + memstick reader

figure king [flipped alittle at earth x], a tokyo mini guide, PSM october [my official allowable magazine]

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