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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

head porter key pouch

clare from indie lab messaged me if i need any headporter stuff cos they are ordering from japan.

i realized i need a new key pouch from my new place at pinnacle.

their orders will come in beginning of jan so the timing blends well. i went thru the HK site but clare told me they will only get from the .jp store for authenticity. i didnt find a suitable key pouch but did signed up, am surprised now they have a international store.

few days later i made an order, it arrived 2day, only mere 3days via fedex. awesome ....


Yi Hui Chin said...


I'm Yi Hui from Indie Lab, we will be bringing stuffs from Japan. You can let us know what are the items you want and we can bring in for you, of course at a reasonable price.

Definitely cheaper than most seller in Singapore. Do visit our website or contact us for more information.

P/S : Apologies that the website is not updated of lately, but rest assure that we will update it soon.


Yi Hui
9638 0062

Yi Hui said...

Correction, we will be bringing more stuffs from japan. This will be a on going thing. Not only for head porter. Of course, we do have other street wear brands such as Clot, Subcrew, Original Fake and stuffs.

Do feel free to contact any of us anytime for more information. I believe you do have Clare's contact.

Thank you for your support so far!


sket said...

ya indielab site needs to update more freq ....