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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

got me so down i got me a headache

the headache subsided when i got home.

the day after nite duty sorta burns me out as i aged. i felt it at 33, it's 6 years down now and i'm not getting younger. i've always prefer day duty hence.

i vividly remembered that me, vincent, abk and timmy spent time til 3pm at pulau ubin after our nite duty, "sibei ho tong"

but these days, the day after nite duy equates to less sleep time equates to shoulder aches slash tension headache .... almost frequently

the new shift roster suppose to reduce my nite duty to 4 or less per month, excl those nites if i'm recalled to work outside the standby list, and that will mean i'll get paid like a mercenary [yes i love the term]. but in the month of november i'm rostered 6 nite duties, 2 covering pple on leave. could they have spread them to other of my colleagues in my watch? frankly i'm not complaining, besides pretty much a "yes i can do what u roster me", and "yes i can style to my hair to my flexibility despite how u cut it", i am pretty adjustable. ang's pointer that it's to my advantage if rostered nite duty, i can enjoy the whole freaking day to myself till 11pm, and isabelle says "why complain when it's to my liking", i dont feel i'm penalize. take advantage of the advantage.

my mum called when i was at the axs midst, "are u coming home yet?", the tension headache and bill payment and breakfast hunger didnt make me sound any friendlier.

a headache man is a hungry man

"30 mins i'll be home" ....

breakfast in the car, kopi in the car, panadol b4 the first munch of breakfast, all the above after i dropped elaine off and the axs, with some temper hammering and headache pounding. i got home, my mum and a maid and my dad had just left for the clinic.

bathing lucas with his maid and playing the boat and roster toy made the headache focus forgone.

and here's some lucas poetry ....

bird bird
where are you
my name is lucas
i want to catch you

where are you
my name is lucas
i wanna pinch you

meow meow
where are you
my name is lucas
i wanna pull your tail

where are you
i'm at the mrt
i'm waiting for you

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