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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Liverpool FC 09/10 away + England keeper jerseys

got a sms from shaun that he Lvierpool FC away jersey hit the streets 2day. i rushed down after checking the net on the design. glad the service at weston was good. the England keeper caught my eye as well. it doesnt have padding so it wont look awkward if i wear it out. am glad the servie at weston was good, they recommended me to the correct sizes. tested them. they look awesome. $80 for Liverpool and $99 for England. got a $9 off.

if u can see the print of the kop wings on both side.

and a classic emblem behind. this jersey is made in thailand so choose well for the QC isnt that cool, just like last season.

the england keeper umbro jersey is of a nice material, not the clima365 material, more cotton to me.

plenty of ventilation holes including 4 at the back of the jersey.

shaun has made up his mind on what to wear for the singapore Liverpool FC tour. what will be my choice?

my getz is back. bill bring to boon for the bumper repair 2mr. it's out of service for a month. total damage for my repair is $3511.85


Shaun said...

the england keeper shirt looks damn classy bro! Nice score! Do keep me posted on your kit decison. :)

sket said...

i'll go dig out my thick collar adi liverpool jersey .... and see if it still fits.

if i can get my hands on this .... this is when i started watching and playing football.

Shaun said...

Wah lan, the admiral England shirt really classic!

Ragnarok-Ex said...

lolx.. not into the soccer stuff but repair bills = 3k .. ouch :(