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Saturday, January 05, 2008

strangle or hold

perhaps a week ago, zach asked if i had tried stranglehold. i was pretty excited when they had announced stranglehold limited/collectors edition will be coupled with a blu-ray movie "hard-boiled". and then there was a delay to this game due to video localization so no global released hence therell be wait for the asians. i tried the demo ultimately and was alittle put-off by the expectation of a repeatitive gameplay of bulletime. the game was scraped off my buy list i told zach.

i'll see it at racks of HMV, and reviews were bad.

i see some1 on my friendlist playing stranglehold demo. and has "curse of the golden flower" starring chow yuen fatt got my blood boiled again?

and then it appear on GAX forum, a secondhand at $70. i spoked to zach again this afternoon. his advise i should go ahead to try it. a call to HMV while i was on my way back in the car, they have sold out. i checked on this shop at junction8 and they had soldout. and to my surprise comics connection has it. and a greater surprise after thechinaman at the counter scanned the item, it shows $85, a good price that HMV was selling at above $100.

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