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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

assassination again

assassin's creed PS3 version's been completely soldout in singapore. i had sold my 360 version after playing it for twice. as i enter the games drought my interest grew strong on this 2month old game again. i had Ratchet and Clank: tools of destruction in mind too, but after re-playing the demo the game is once again discarded from my buy list.

playasia has region1 collector's version for assassin's creed. i put up ads on game forums hunting down a used normal edition R1. plenty were snapped up, some i cant find time to meet .... i finally settled for a region3 version at second hand. will a R3 game, and being a second hand game, be any difference to my commitment to the game? biased.

jay chou fever continues as i bought "curse of the golden flower" blu-ray. the movie has been mis-concepted as a breast movie, but the ultimate is the storyline, a thick plot of a sad tragedy in the royal family. jay chou's picked as the second prince, a expressionless deadpan actor, not too sure if the intentions are true from the director.

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