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Friday, December 28, 2007

hmv galore

going hmv is always a taboo thing. i asked my colleague if she still need me to get her her book at kino for discount as i'll be heading down to HMV later, she said prob after CNY or LNY the new term used .... she recognized it'll be a bad trip for me. yes indeed, both a bad but fruitful trip ....

the above, babel soundtrack was discarded from my cart as i saw it cheaper at sembawang music centre. in clockwise order from bottom .... bourne ultimatum HD DVD; last week i called em they it wasn't in yet and it's decently priced, the cult born into this limited; an album i had given up after testing it on, Unreal tournament 3 soundtrack; what a surprise, halo 3 soundtrack; the piano tune was awesome as heard in the beginning of the game, soler 2007 album; this contains 2 disc and one canto one english; and 3 jay chou cds i bought for my wife. she's been quite a jay chou fan of late.

my wife bought this tee for me for my birthday .... diamonds .... sweet.

for the purpose of data collection for my wife .... here's 3 new cds with corresponding covers and track list ....

the album she wanted

a EP with a DVD. all the MV on this DVD are from the album above (the cd not ep). and the piano solo instrumental track he did for song from "cursed of the golden flower" is simply amazing.

another a EP with extensive DVD including "yi lu xiang bei"

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