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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the song remians the same

have sold plenty of games since i started console gming .... either after completion or after lengthy pause due game length or pure disgust with the confliciting gameplay.

games that i kept and didnt sell are:-

xbox 360
oblivion - i've bought guides for both the main game and shivering isles. downloaded all the expansion packs. bought t-shirts, bought the pc dvd rom version for the making of disc, clocked 800 over gamerscores .... my first official console game.
dead rising - i simply love zombie movies, and this game plays very much like a zombie slashing movie. love the chainsaw weapon, one great game running on havok engine.
gears of war - biggest 360 game ever? epic's best return to the scene.
forza mototsports 2 - i frankly prefer this over GT series. my only last racing game with all the exotic cars.
halo 3 - sucked to the love of master chief.
lego star wars the complete saga - goofy gameplay to have all the star wars lego characters that i can never complete in real life

spider-man 3 - the biggest sony francise, i can play black spidy
call of duty 4 modern warfare - best soundtrack, best graphics, best story. game of the year quality
uncharted drake's fortune - a tomb raider clone that is bigger and better. game of the year quality.
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 - reason why i started having tattoo .... to look like a freakin wrestler? my fave entertainment sports since 1985. triple h is king of kings.

metal gear solid graphic novel - just love the way the whole concept of digital graphic novel. plays like the old captain america cartoon series in the 70s. ashley wood's illustrations are pretty crazy.
metal gear solid portable ops - part zero the the crazy series of snake

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