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Thursday, December 27, 2007

never gonna stop me

called FeDEX twice this morning. 8plus it's still at customs. 945am, my second call on the customer service line, my package has arrived changi south branch, but they're sorting out the packages. then mins later they called me .... my item is ready for collection.

you can drive your car into the FeDEX complex, this is the little corner for your collection, left to the main entrance. the staff who served me yesterday was there again so he knew which package i am here for.

the story .... this is my second time to FeDEX complex on 2 consecutive day. yesterday i was here to get my wife's package while mine was detained. the FeDEX crew at customs called me in the morning to advise that i need to apply for a approval from MDA for my game. this is the first time my item was halted. nicely i can make an application online at ....

my item arrived over xmas morning, it was ordered on eve and sent out within hours by playasia. but as xmas there were no service i had to wait til boxing day for delivery. coincidently my wife's package from USA arrived on the same day.

after the application online i had to submit my approval code to FeDEX while they wait for approval from MDA to release my item at the customs. at 5pm yesterday i called MDA and i could only find out that they were overloaded by bulks of approval and it slowed down their system. the helpdesk girl was kind enuff to help me expedite my item. at 1030pm my item went thru and was released by customs. strangely, MDA only work til 530pm, why was my item released at 1030pm ....

a yellow sticker that says "on hold". no sign of package being opened for inspection. overall a slight delay of 1day due to MDA issue regards to my item .... not much of a problem, gadly.

still yet to find out if the PS2 game FF3 has english subs .... we'll see.

companion cd for this 1hr trip from home to FeDEX is "zombie live" by rob zombie

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